Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Entertain a Nine Year Old

How do you entertain a nine-year-old without spending any money? Answer: You don't. Let me rephrase that, you don't if you have very little creativity. That's me! Everything I could imagine doing while Jordan was visiting cost money.

Before we left Illinois, Jim said to me, "Don't worry about doing an activity everyday. The kids can hang around the house."

I thought about that, but I wasn't sure how that might work. Let me be honest here. I am selfish. I wanted Jordan to have a good time. I wanted her to look forward to the next time she came to Utah.

I took what Jim said and basically threw it out the window.

I spent money. We did something almost every day.

What follows in my upcoming posts is a recap of our fun, expensive ten days with Jordan.

The day after we came home, Puff, Choo, Buzz and I took Jordan to Gardner Village.  Our plan was to eat free Del Taco lunches by the river, compliments of my children's last perfect dentist visit.  Thank you Adventure Dental.

I ended up eating a majority of the kids' lunches. Buzz wouldn't eat his hamburger. "OOh, it has sesame seeds on the bun."

Puff and Choo decided they weren't hungry for lunch.  Thank goodness mom was there to eat quesadillas and french fries.  My stomach is a garbage dump!

I brought bread to feed the ducks. Unfortunately, like the precious children, they weren't hungry. The ducks swam past the bread crumbs without a second glance.

Choo threw two whole pieces of bread in the river and she was immediately ready to move on to the next activity.

The kidlets ended up having lunch at the candy store at Gardner's. I am a great mom; nutrition is top priority for me.

I wished for more luck with the next day's fun filled adventure.  My wish was granted.  We spent three fun filled hours at Classic Skating.  It was a good choice.  The kids exhausted themselves playing on the bounce slides, running through the jungle and shooting dart balls.

Look closely up the slide and you will see Choo and her friend climbing what appears to be a plastic Mt. Everest.  They seem so tiny.

Puff's bright red face.  She worked up a wet, sweaty lather.

I still can't believe how grown up this young lady has become.


  1. How fun, don't you know that's what Aunt's do...they spend money! Bet she had a great time!

  2. You are a much funner mom than I am...I just won't let my kids or their cousins

  3. I wish I had HAD an Aunt like you!!
    She is a very lucky niece!

  4. Well, its just like giving a reward to kids every time they do a good deed. When my son had to go to the dentist, I always told him that I'd buy him a toy afterwards. It worked wonderfully.