Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Visit with Mom, Grandma & Grandpa

One activity that is a given every year when Jordan comes is a trip to Susan's grave.  Fourteen years later and it is still hard for me to believe that this is reality.

Those poor flowers.  We picked them up the previous day.  The next morning they had wilted  beyond most life.

I am at peace knowing Mom and Dad are together, but I wish they were here with us.  I think our family is lost without them.  We are a ship with no captain.

Dad's parents are close, down the hill a short distance.  We looked in on them.  I promised to do better, remembering to visit.

This Christ statue speaks volumes to me, surrounded by his flock.  Some live within our mortal sight, others live outside our earthly vision, but still they live.

Monday, August 17, 2015

11,000 Feet

Last year when Jordan was here we went up to Snowbird and rode the tram up to 11,000 feet.  While there, we took note of all the other fun activities.  I wasn't prepared to fund the activities that day so I promised we would do so the following year.

Fast forward one year.  I actually kept my promise.  I bit my lip and bought five all day passes for a day of adventure at Snowbird.  Tickets are around $40.00 per person.  Now you know why I bit my lip.  This pass allows you unlimited access to all of the rides and activities.

If you go on a less busy day, Snowbird discounts the price.

I have OCD, it's true.  I kept track of the number of times we went on a ride or activity.  It made me feel good to see the price per adventure come down.

I have to admit this was one of my favorite days when Jordan was here.  The money was well spent.  It was a glorious, beautiful day in the mountains.  I will take Snowbird over Lagoon any day.  It was cooler than the valley, everything was green and the kids had a fabulous time.

Mountain Flyer

The Mountain Flyer is faster than it looks.

The ride pulls you backwards up the ski slope and then sends you seemingly careening down the hill.

There is a loud screech when you come to a stop at the bottom

I was sure Sydney or I was going to fall out going backwards.  

Bungee Trampoline

The kids had a blast showing off their gymnastic skills with their back and front flips.  They came off exhausted.

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall had three sides:  easy, intermediate and difficult.

All four of them tackled each side.  They did a fabulous job.

Aerial Tram Ride

Spectacular views and a nervous mom with a phobia of heights.  

I was constantly telling children, "Stay away from the edge.  No running!"

You can't get these views in Illinois, Jordan!

Literally, as we stepped off the tram half of them were ready to go back down.  "There is nothing to do here!"  

Jordan is one goofy girl.  I am still finding selfies she took on my camera and cell phone.

Ropes Course

Jordan decided the ropes course was not for her.

I appointed her my official photographer of the ropes course.

She did not disappoint.  Jordan took a slew of pictures.

I even managed to sneak in a few shots of my gorgeous girl while the kids were on the ropes course.

Peruvian Chair

Over the years I have had various excuses for not learning to ski:  my friends took me once in high school and it was a disaster; it is way too expensive; and it is freezing.

Now I have another excuse.  How do people not fall off these chair lifts everyday? I was in a state of panic.  I was sure Sydney was going to slip through the bar and fall to her death, or at least break a leg.  Jordan thought it was hilarious and threatened to rock the chair.  Funny!  This is a terrifying trip for a person with a phobia of heights.

Sure, the sights were incredible.  We saw a female moose, a badger and a baby deer. These things are hard to enjoy when you are worrying about your impending death.

Only three of us fit on one chair.  Suze volunteered to go by herself.  I might have preferred that over Jordan's antics...if I wasn't so terrified over Sydney's small size and any sudden movements she might make toward the chair bar.

I will not deny that I find it hard to believe that many places in the world offer these majestic vistas.

Alpine Slide & Mountain Coaster

The Alpine Slide and Mountain Coaster were my favorites, the Mountain Coaster definitely tops my list.

If it were up to me, I would have been content to ride the mountain coaster over and over again.  The track glides through fields and meadows of tall, shadowy trees...before you plunge down the steep hill.  It was breathtaking, but oddly relaxing.

One thing I am sure; God spent plenty of time adorning the Wasatch Mountains with splendor and beauty.  That is why this activity is already on the list for next year.