Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum-NO More

There are certain activities we do every year when Jordan comes to Utah; the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is one of these activitives.


We were a half hour into our discovering at the museum when Jordan gave me a funny look.  I knew exactly what that look meant.

Frankly, I am surprised it took her this long to give me that look.  I replied to her, "You are too grown up for this place, aren't you?" Jordan replied in the affirmatvie.

Once it was fun for Jordan to climb the rock wall, shop in the supermarket and gallop on the horse.  Let's face it, she is a teenager and has moved beyond the children's museum.

And so while Syd enjoyed the museum, Jordan quietly endured the few hours that we were there.  She played with her little cousin and let me take her picture.

This is so Eric on the horse, intense and in a different world.  I am sure he is pursuing a monster creature.

Jordan posed one last time on the horse.  You can tell that she is clearly done with it.

Sydney made sure Sage was looking at the camera before I snapped the photo.  She is addicted to American Girl Dolls.

If I am honest, I am not very disappointed about the era of the children's museum coming to an end.  I was always torn about it anyway.

I always liked the first floor of this museum, but once you go to the second floor, things take a nose dive.

At least there were plenty of photo ops. 

On to bigger, better (and most likely)  more expensive venues.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Visiting Mom and Grandma

 When Jordan spends time with her mom and grandma, her visits are much different than other girls her age.

Jordan's mom does not give her make-up tips; they have no mommy daughter dates.  They don't shop for clothes together.  They don't talk about boys.

Jordan's visits with Grandma Dixie don't include making cookies.  Grandma can't spoil Jordan.  There are no big hugs or kisses.

This is what Jordan's visits look like; and I think she must be very lonely sometimes.

I love you Jordan!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Digging The Dinosaurs

One of the venues on the city pass I purchased for Jordan's vacation was the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.

It's strange, but I find these giant beasts relaxing, especially the recording of the dinosaurs as they roar through the building. 

The kids have visited the museum plenty of times, but they still seem to enjoy it.  They like exploring the caves, digging in the sand and running through dinosaur bones.

Suze stood in front of this exhibit for the longest time, trying to count all of the hidden dinosaurs.  She didn't want to miss one.

Sydney claims she doesn't want to be a model, but she takes every chance she can get to pose for me.  She repeatedly asks me to take her picture.

When Suze goes to a museum, she immerses herself in every activity, including building your own dinosaur.  She wants to read every plaque.  Suze hates to be rushed.

Sometimes I like to take unposed pictures.  Jordan pretended that she didn't know I was taking her picture.  Jordan, I totally know that you were posing for the above picture.

One of their favorite activities is playing with the dinosaurs in the sand and water.  They make trails and mountains.

I love taking close up pictures of the busy, little hands.  There is so much to do in their dinosaur kingdom.

Sydney has the cutest profile. I can't get enough of those chunky cheeks.

I was there; and unfortunately, I have chunky cheeks too!

I don't know what the fingers against the eye means, but the kids kept doing it over and over again, especially Sydney.  Once she caught on from Jordan, Syd did it continuously.

Jordan puckered up for the giant beast.  Watch out dad!  I think she is practicing for the real thing!

At some point through the museum, Sydney opted for no shoes.  Whenever she can, Syd is my barefoot girl.

Run for your lives.  It is a giant, prehistoric, man eating shark!

Alas, they could not out run the humongous shark; and all four met their immediate demises!

Magically Eric, Suze and Sydney lived another day to battle the mighty woolly mammoth.

Our day of prehistoric life ended with digging up the bones of creatures we once hunted a very long time ago.